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your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite.

Now that school has resumed on the Upper East Side, several rumors from the previous year at Constance and St. Judes have resurfaced. We have the mystery of Raina John's expulsion and the sudden disappearance of the Brazilian transfer student, Liam, but the news that's got everybody on the edge of their seats is the death of golden boy Ky Chevalier. Perfect looks, perfect background, perfect life ― the perfect target of jealous gone awry. His body was found six months ago, floating lifelessly in the Hudson River. The Armani suit he had been spotted in earlier that evening for his girlfriend's high - end, sweet sixteen party had been stripped off and his wallet, credit cards, and fake I.D. was also missing from the crime scene. No evidence was found ― aside from the demise of Manhattan's handsomest, most desirable heir, of course.

In case you're unaware, Ky Chevalier is the definition of elite in New York City. He had it all in the palm of his hands, including a bright, perfect future. He was a football player ― the captain and the quarterback ― the king of Constance Billard and St. Judes' social food chain, and also the heir to the infamous media conglomerate, Chevalier Inc. He loved marijuana and wild parties, though no one knew aside from his closet friends. On the surface, he was flawless and ahead was a life of luxury and simplicity. Yet somehow, he died before his eighteenth birthday. On the night of his murder, he had been with his best friend and his girlfriend. But after a conversation with the Mistress and the Knight, he left the party abruptly. Later that cool, April evening, he washed up on the shore of the Hudson bay, found by the Lady in Waiting and the Courtier. The Princess showed up a few minutes later and the Prince and his family was immediately alerted. They were all in shock. Still, despite how perfect he seemed, Ky also had some pretty dark skeletons hidden in his closet. His closest friends hold bits and pieces to the mystery, but the puzzle has yet to be solved.

Wait, let me rephrase that. No evidence was found ― until now. Let's meet our suspects:

The King; Ky's best friend. After the incident half a year ago, this St. Judes hottie has been crowned the new king. However, it turns out that Golden Boy's throne isn't the only thing he wants. He's also after the Queen ― the loveliest, and wickedest, girl on the Upper East Side. Is that enough to commit such a sin, or is taking over his ex - best friend's life just a badly timed coincidence?

The Queen; Ky's girlfriend. She's nice to look at, but not - so nice to deal. In fact, ever since her boyfriend's death, she's gotten a whole lot worse. We suspect that it might also have something to do with the new King's reign; after all, she had always been aiming to be on top. We never suspected her for Golden Boy's death, but last week she was caught maxing out his ' stolen ' credit cards...

The Prince; Ky's half - brother. Despite being the new heir to the Chevalier fortune, we doubt that little brother over here is all that interested. After all, this Prince is far from charming. The only thing he's interested in is partying, sex, and causing minor scandals every other day. That's why it was quite a shocker when he was seen with Golden Boy's fake I.D. and first love, the Princess.

The Princess; Ky's first love. Maybe in another life, this girl would have been Queen. However, her relationship with Golden Boy turned sour after she took his virginity in the seventh grade. Now, she's made her way back into another Chevalier's heart. Too bad her mom is set to marry Daddy Chevalier next month... Still, the question remains; did she team up with the Prince to get back at Ky?

The Knight; Ky's teammate. Ever since he started high school, he's been the linebacker and vice captain of the football team. Him and Golden Boy were pretty good friends, but on the field they had a vicious rivalry.The Knight had been trying to make his way up to captain for several years, but Ky always managed to outshine him. He also happens to be the last person to see Golden Boy alive...

The Mistress; Ky's close friend. Along with the King, her and Golden boy were like the Three Musketeers. She's known them since forever and what she feels for the King is more than just friendship. Because of that, she also hates the Queen and anyone of close proximity to him. So despite their long time friendship, would the Mistress kill her best friend to have the King all to herself?

The Courtier; Ky's dealer. This rich boy sells marijuana by the brick. And despite his social standings, Golden Boy is a very loyal customer who makes very large purchases. Too bad he can't exactly ask for the funds to pay off his dealer, resulting in a pile up of debt, IOU's, and a very angry Courtier. This boy has connections, the kind that can easily get a heir thrown into the Hudson River...

The Lady in Waiting; Ky's classmate. She's considerably younger than Golden Boy, but her intelligence was enough to land them both in the same class. Still, they were just mere acquaintances and speaking to one another was a formality. The Lady was good friends with our very own Queen though, but that doesn't explain why she's in possession of Golden Boy's cellphone, does it?

They all have motives, they all have connections, and they all know Ky Chevalier; In a city filled with lies and alibis, how do you separate the deceivers from the killers?

You know you love me. xoxo, Gossip Girl.

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